Trimble X7's Automatic Calibration Eliminates the Guesswork

Have you ever shipped your scanner and had concerns about its calibration? Did you question whether the instrument was still producing accurate scans for an important project? If this sounds familiar, you will be interested in the auto-calibration feature of the Trimble X7 to eliminate the guesswork and reduce downtime and expense.

The technology is a smart feature that tracks changes to the instrument and the environment. Environmental temperature, ambient light, vibration, instrument temperature and vertical speed are monitored to optimize the process.

The Trimble X7 is the first 3D laser scanner that offers smart auto-calibration and an industry-leading two-year warranty to back it up. The innovative functionality and mechanical design features lower the cost of ownership and reduce downtime for faster return on investment (ROI).

Listen to our product and engineering team explain all features and benefits.  

To deep dive into this key feature of the Trimble X7, download our complete white paper here

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