Trimble Inpho version 10.1 is available from 27 July 2020 for all Inpho software products, including UASMaster. The new version features enhanced productivity in large aerial photogrammetry and UAS projects as well as higher quality in final deliverables such as dense point clouds, 3D meshes, and true-orthophotos. 

Enhancements for MATCH-3DX and Meshing-Add-On

The new 3D reconstruction engine in MATCH-3DX delivers more completeness in the surface reconstruction as well as sharper edges in true orthophotos. Considerable improvements have been achieved in the geometry of 2.5D/3D meshes, providing multi-resolution and lighter surfaces for better data handling and representation on desktop workstations for GIS-based, web-based and streaming platforms.

Mesh Comparison

Performance improvements - within the range of 5 to 10 times faster - in the generation of DSM meshes as well as 2 to 3 times in the whole process, drastically accelerate true orthophoto production lines. A new data compression method reduces file sizes, resulting in lesser storage space and up to 50% faster data transfer in streaming and web environments.

Improvements in MATCH-AT

The revised “Refine” algorithm in MATCH-AT provides an additional possibility to manage difficult terrain areas, where less tie points could be extracted. This algorithm can be successfully applied for the sub-blocks that represent challenging terrain areas with large and frequent height differences.#


New Feature: Approximate Terrain Height Look Up

An integrated global height model allows users to define an approximate and individual terrain height for each image in the whole block, both in aerial and UAS workflows. This feature can be used for better initialization and data validation in project setup, especially in areas with high undulation and challenging terrains. Watch our video for a preview of this new feature.

New Feature: Walk Around 

The smart tool “Walk Around” in DTMaster now enables users to precisely measure objects and extract features in different viewing angles and best fitting image models from oblique imagery. This tool can also be used for inspection, data evaluation, and many other tasks involving stereo measurement. Watch our video for a preview of this new feature.

Walk Around Video

Simplified Distributed Processing

To facilitate the distribution of processes across several machines, Inpho 10.1 offers a new user interface based on Condor pool configuration. This is a highly requested feature (recommended for usage of 3 machines and more) available for MATCH-3DX, MATCH-T and OrthoMaster.

Highlights in UASMaster 10.1


Improvements in 3D Textured Meshes and Camera Calibration

In addition to the enhanced quality in the geometry of 3D meshes, significant improvements were achieved in the quality of textured meshes, providing users more realistic 3D models in close range and UAV applications. 

The powerful camera calibration capabilities in UASMaster were further enhanced, resulting in increased productivity especially for challenging platforms.

Approximate Terrain Height Look Up

The integrated global height model presented in the video above is also available in the new version of UASMaster, facilitating initialization and data validation in project setup.

Approximate Height

Watch our video about the highlights of version 10.1 and find more information on the Inpho and UASMaster website.

Highlights Video


Interested? Users without a valid maintenance as well as new users should contact Sales to update their license or purchase a new one. If you have a valid license, you can download version 10.1 on the Inpho and UASMaster product pages.

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